Turnaround Management Explained

Your company is struggling. You’re facing financial problems left and right. The competition seems to be surpassing you in every way and you’re not sure you can keep up. Still, you’re passionate about your business and dedicated to your employees. So, what’s the best strategic approach? How can you save your company? If this sounds […]

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A Guide to Receiverships

A receivership is one method of avoiding bankruptcy for your company. It can sometimes get you back on track to financial prosperity. So what is a receivership? A receivership is the appointment of a receiver. A receiver is a trustee who is appointed to look after a struggling company’s assets and/or business operations. They generally […]

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Chapter 12 Bankruptcy: What You Need to Know

Chapter 12 bankruptcy is aimed specifically at family farmers and fishermen, and it allows for a reorganization of debt that makes it easier for people in those fields to maintain their businesses. Recent legislation has been passed through Congress to provide added flexibility as farmers face increasing challenges including lower pricing and long-running trade wars […]

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