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    A law firm committed to service through outstanding legal advocacy and counsel while maintaining the highest degree of integrity and professionalism.


Consumer Bankruptcy and Advisory Law

Lawsuit & Garneshment, foreclosure, reposession, student loans, taxes and restoration.

Corporate Bankruptcy

From assisting you with corporate bankruptcy to providing information about options for business bankruptcy, we want to give you the advice you are seeking.

Bankruptcy Alternatives

Even businesses in serious financial trouble may have other options available for resolving their challenges.

Progressive Thinking.
Proven Expertise.

We are a law firm that is committed to serving the community by providing outstanding legal advocacy and counseling while maintaining the highest degree of integrity and professionalism.

About Us

At the heart of any business, there are real people who are impacted by every decision. That means a lot to us at Maxwell Dunn. We realize that even though our experience lies in business and corporate law, it is people that we ultimately serve. So we make a point of treating each and every case as though it were our own business at stake, while always keeping your goals and objectives in mind. Striking that balance is part of what sets us apart from other business attorneys and the reason why so many of our clients choose to stay with us for many years to come and through any situation that may arise.

Our Team

Ethan Dunn

Managing Partner

Ethan is the managing partner of MAXWELL DUNN LAW, He has successfully turned around several small businesses and assisted hundreds of individuals fix their personal financial challenges both in and out of bankruptcy. In addition to his bankruptcy and turnaround practice, Ethan guides entrepreneurs through the purchase, sale and merger of businesses and advises small business owners. He is known for finding creative solutions for his clients and helping them resolve internal and external roadblocks so they can achieve their best possible financial outcome.

Tierney E. Hoffman

Associate Attorney

Tierney is an associate attorney with MAXWELL DUNN LAW. Prior to being admitted to the bar, Tierney held various positions in the legal field, having worked as a legal assistant, paralegal, and law clerk for nearly ten years. After passing the bar exam, Tierney served as a contract attorney assisting in various litigation and regulatory investigations. Tierney attributes her holistic approach to providing clients with sustainable and winning solutions to her varied experience in the legal field. She currently represents both debtors and creditors in consumer and business bankruptcy matters.


Free Resources

Free resources for personal and business bankruptcy to help you make a decision on the best course of action to take for your financial situation.

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