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Need to get your business on the right track to grow and thrive?  Need to discuss PPP loan payback, MBE certification or general business law needs? Contact an experienced business lawyer at Maxwell Dunn Law today.

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Our bankruptcy and business lawyers are available to discuss PPP loan payback, MBE certification, and/or any assistance you may need with your new or existing matter.  Need to restructure your business so that you can thrive post-COVID-19?  Our nationally recognized bankruptcy lawyers and business restructuring advisory can help.

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Lawyers for business owners and start up founders.  53 high growth, high profile metro-Detroit businesses served and counting. 1,540 families in metro-Detroit served. Millions upon millions of dollars of assets in metro-Detroit protected. Tens of millions of dollars of debt discharged. Maxwell Dunn’s nationally recognized team of Detroit and Southeast Michigan-based attorneys are passionate about your future and how they can deliver meaningful results for you. Contact us today to learn why we are Michigan’s law firm for business owners and start-ups.

Maxwell Dunn Law serves Michigan’s next generation of business owners, start-up founders and their families.  With practices in business law, personal and corporate bankruptcy, Maxwell Dunn’s nationally recognized attorneys are here to serve your start up, growing business or family.  Our attorneys have deep expertise in business formation and growth, as well as in Chapter 7, 11, and 13 Bankruptcy.  We are here to help our clients thrive, no matter the situation.


Our bankruptcy practice is a nationally recognized practice that is dedicated to helping you find bankruptcy and debt solutions for your business or your family.  At the heart of any business, there are real people who are impacted by every decision. At Maxwell Dunn, we pride ourselves on treating each case as though it were our own business at stake, while always keeping your unique goals and objectives in mind. Striking that balance is what sets us apart from other consumer and business bankruptcy attorneys, and is the reason why many of our clients have chosen to stay with us over the years. We’ll help you handle any situation that arises, whether you are facing foreclosure, garnishment, or corporate bankruptcy.