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7 Key Elements of a Strong Employee Handbook

An employee handbook set outs fundamental information about your company and the employee’s role(s) within your business. It covers the basic need-to-know information about the company as a whole as well as more in-depth data regarding policies and procedures that affect individual employees on a daily basis. Because the employee handbook contains so much information,

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Business Legal Audit Checklist

Legal compliance can be extremely difficult, especially for small businesses. Depending on the type of business you have, your day-to-day activities may be affected by literally hundreds of laws at any given time. How can you ensure that you are compliant at all times? An internal legal audit may be a good starting point. What

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Can I Discharge Student Loans in a Bankruptcy?

With the staggeringly high cost of education, student loan debts today are massive for many students. When graduates struggle to find suitable employment, paying back student loans becomes an almost insurmountable task. Former students may begin to wonder whether bankruptcy is an option for them. Unfortunately, while discharging student loans in bankruptcy is possible, it

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