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Understanding Earnout Agreements

Anyone with an interest in the sale, acquisition, or merger of a business might be faced with the prospect of entering into an Earnout Agreement. In a business merger and acquisition environment, an Earnout Agreement enables buyers and sellers to assign a variable value to part of the sale price and tie it to the […]

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Understanding Garnishments

You owe a creditor money. Perhaps you made some bad investments or you were forced to pay significant medical bills when a loved one was in an accident or developed a severe illness. Now, you are past due on a hefty credit card bill. You discover that your creditor obtained permission for a garnishment by […]

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7 Benefits of Mediation for Your Business

Business disputes can leave anger, frustration, and significantly lighter pockets in their wake. They happen all the time, whether it’s with vendors, contractors, rival companies, clients and customers, employees, or even business partners. They can destroy relationships and leave your business in ruin if not handled properly. Luckily, there are some useful alternatives to litigation […]

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Business Legal Audits Explained

Building and managing a business is no task for the faint-of-heart. Making sure your company is in compliance with all laws and regulations is a constant and permanent process, and most growing companies cannot afford the catastrophic effects of a lawsuit or other major legal issue. The best defense you can mount against slipping up, […]

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