Even a Bad Budget Is Better Than No Budget

Running a business is rewarding and exciting – but the fast-paced lifestyle can lead to problems for many business owners. One particularly costly mistake is being so consumed by operating the business that you lose track of your financial position. This mistake has created unnecessary financial challenges for many businesses. As a local Southfield bankruptcy attorney, we have watched many businesses fall prey to not paying enough attention to their financial situation before it is far too late.

So what can you do to avoid this problem in your own business? Create a budget and let it keep you on track financially. It won’t be as difficult as you think, it doesn’t have to be perfect…and I promise you, it will make a big difference in your day-to-day finances! 

Start Today

The best time to start any type of budget for your business is today. Even if you don’t have the most expensive software, or know which types of income should be categorized where, it is important to just start tracking your income and your expenses.  A simple spreadsheet is all you need to begin. Over time, you can learn more about budgeting and make improvements to your process.

Don’t Worry About Mistakes

When you start a new budget for your business you will make many mistakes. Things like inaccurately estimating how much things cost, or failing to account for other items can become problems. For many, this can become discouraging and make them want to give up. Resist this temptation and just make adjustments to your budget. Over time, you will naturally learn how to do it better and make fewer and fewer mistakes. 

Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from an accountant or even just someone who is good with numbers. You don’t have to hire on a full-time accountant right from the beginning, but even having someone review your books and make recommendations a couple times per year can really move you in the right direction.

The bottom line here is that any budget, even a bad budget, is going to be a dramatic improvement to having nothing at all. As you gain experience, you can begin creating a plan and improving on your overall business finances. If you start now, these simple budgeting steps can help you to avoid major problems and even bankruptcy in the future.

Please reach out to us today if you’d like to learn more! We are a trustworthy, local Southfield bankruptcy attorney with years of experience handling a variety of problems both large and small businesses will face.